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In Theaters August 22

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Oh shit it looks so good.


An insightful addition from the acclaimed writer John Green everyone

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oh. my. GOD.

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We have a new queen.

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Lena Headey photographed by Julie Brothers

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preparing ur ipod for a long trip like ur storing up food for a long winter

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Check back every #TMITuesday for new #COHF content.

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[skips formalities] THEY’RE MARRIED 

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Sometimes I think about how Raoul was the only one of Alanna’s close friends that she didn’t tell the truth to before her identity was publicly revealed. Like, this was one of his best friends, and she told all of their other friends about it, but not him. And then she runs off for like three years and he doesn’t hear anything from her. It must have eaten him up inside, wondering why she didn’t trust him, and why he wasn’t worth keeping in contact with when Jon, George, Gary and Myles all were.

And still, when shit is going down, Raoul is the one that travels to the ends of the earth to find her and bring her home.

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I feel the need to clarify.

I enjoyed Frozen. The dialogue between all the characters was awesome, really well done. I thought the lyrics were lazy. I found myself listening to the songs and just not enjoying them at all. And the animation wasn’t nearly as we’ll done as with Tangled, felt a little rushed. The lines were not nearly as clean as I expected them to be.

*sigh* and Regina. I enjoy her developing relationship with Robin. But I will dislike her as a person for the rest of my life for one reason (for many reasons, but this is the biggest): Graham. I feel that is all I need to say on that subject.

And KStew…well she’s just cool. I like her.

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